AI-Driver's Log
Tracking Modules for your vehicles

TSI Light Driver's Log

A small tracking module for your vehicle automatically records all trip data, while you are still on the road, such as times, start and end points as well as the route and mileage. All your journeys are instantly available.

TSI FL-165+ locating module for fixed installation

Tracking module FL‑165

We supply a complete installation kit for installation at your preferred and trusted workshop.

Installation is simple and straightforward. Only plus, ground (-) and the vehicle's ignition need to be connected, just like a conventional car radio. The separate, orientable GPS antenna offers the highest precision in locating!

Fully comply with all requirements of the tax office!

Tracking module FL‑179

Plug our FL‑179 tracking module into your vehicle's OBD2 port and you're ready to go. There is no need for installation or setup!

The best solution for an effortless driver's log without installation
TSI FL-179 tracking modules: flexible for your vehicle's OBD connection

What is an OBD2 connector?

OBD-2 (also OBD II) is a standardised vehicle interface. Most petrol cars registered from 2001 and diesel cars registered from 2004 possess a compatible OBD2 interface.

Complete, automatic driver's log
Automatic recording of all journeys with times, routes and destinations
Route-AI included
Free TSI Connect smartphone app included
Types of vehicles
All vehicles
Vehicles with compatible OBD-2
Installation & setup
Easy installation
Not required.
Plugs into OBD-2 socket
Tax office suitable & recognised
Yes, because tamper-proof, due to fixed installation
Suitable with correct use
Highest accuracy through optimal placement of GPS antenna
Integrated GPS antenna
from €9,95
per month
from €9,95
per month
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